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Making sure my pussy was indian

Three days ago I went out with a Turkish stud that was ready to do anything to get his hands on some indian pussy. And as it happened that I, myself, had a crush on dark skinned guys, there were huge chances that my webcam naughty acting had to be postponed that day. But my hot looking male had to know that I was 100% indian and told me to give him a good look at my pussy, cause pussies always tell the truth… With all my dirty experience I had no problem dropping my panties, spreading my legs wide and showing him a perfect angle at my indian vagina. He put two fingers inside, then licked me twice and finally approved that it was as indian as it could get. And as I was right there ready to go, he took his Turkish cock out and began fucking me with great eager. I came in no time looking at his dark skinned pecs get all sweaty…

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Offering Mr. Collins an indian dance to remember

Mr. Collins owned the place that I danced at every Friday nights. Sometimes this man attended the representations himself and gave me generous tips when done with my gig. I had no clue that he knew about my webcam performing as well and that he had been a member for years. I only found out about this when it was too late for my indian pussy. He invited me to a friendly chit chat at his apartment and I accepted because he treated me very nice up to then. The instant we were alone he shared his DVD collection with short clips of me going dildo wild. His smile was totally naughty and he told me that he cared for an indian dance, made specially for him. So I undressed myself, took his cock out and dived into it going all the way down to the bottom. And then I started indian dancing, making large circles with my ass and stroking up and down from time to time. I felt hot cumm inside me in no time..

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The voyeur across the street

I was walking around without clothes on in my giant rest room two days ago when I saw a pair of binoculars aimed at my small bathroom window. I got it straight away that this was another case of lonely excited guys that want to have a good look at my hot naked indian body. He probably wasn't aware my webcam representations or perhaps he fancied the voyeur thing more than a naughty act. Anyway I thought I gave this bad boy a special treat so I pretended that I haven't seen him. Then I grabbed my shaving kit, sat down and spread my legs. I made sure to direct my pussy towards the window and started shaving carefully. Of course i've accidentally touched my clit and that got me all wet. So once my chocolate pussy was perfectly shaved I fingered my self with great lust. My stalker seemed to have loved it cause he exchanged the binoculars for his camera…

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The missing indian ingredient

Elegant men always get the best out of me. Enrique, a hot but tamed latino that i've been talking with on, was definitely one of them and he convinced me to have dinner with him at his house. Still he explained that his cooking is a mess and that he preferred I prepared some indian food while he figured out all the rest. So that night I put my webcam plans aside and went indian ingredient shopping. Dinner was served in no time. He tasted what I have prepared but thought that something was missing. Then he came next to me, slowly upskirted me and commenced licking my pussy with enormous desire. It seems that my wet vagina was the secret missing ingredient…

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My indian pussy had a picnic of its own

Larry, a young guy that constantly attended my webcam shows, made an intriguing proposition. He asked me to go along with him on a nice picnic in the countryside so that we got some piece and quiet. That was clearly bullshit cause I knew he only wanted to get a taste of my indian pussy. However I was curious to taste some of hi goodies and I agreed to go with him instantly. The fucking perv didn't even bring any food, making it very obvious that stretching my ass hole with his king size sausage was the only thing on his mind. He's been thinking about this particular moment ever since he first met my indian booty on And he fulfilled his fantasy so accurate that you could almost see his dick daydreaming about my wet vagina…

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How indian business goes

I told Mike that he got a special treat had he joined me to a weird party. He was ok with my proposal but requested something in advance so I dropped on my knees and kindly asked for his cock. My sensual indian mouth quickly tasted his flaming cock and swallowed it entirely. After 3 minutes he was already cumming and insisted that he did it on my cute indian face. He shared that he always desired to try this cause he has seen it done hundreds of times on and advised me to try including it in my webcam shows also. In other words he was offering to cumm on my face in each and every one of my sessions.

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